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Admissions teams that utilize enroll ml spend less time creating lists and more time creating futures.

enroll ml utilizes AI and gamification to guide your Admissions Counselors directly to the students where their outreach can make a difference.  Every single day.

How could your counselors impact their yield with


more hours per year

We already know that counselors are overwhelmed – but enroll ml’s Admissions Counselor work/time study found the average counselor spends over 600 hours per year trying to turn admissions data, analytics, queries and lists into highest impact actions.  That’s time that we will help you to recover, repurpose and refocus to improve yield.

This inefficiency is part of what we accept within contemporary enrollment management.  
But it doesn’t have to be this way.  It’s time to apply AI technology to counselor processes to advance enrollment management.  So we did it.
With enroll ml, you can permanently improve enrollment management processes, efficiency and effectiveness.

Admissions counselors can spend up to 500 hours per year on data analysis (even with powerful CRM and BI solutions in place)

Current platforms are not optimized for daily counselor efficiency

Scouring CRM records to try to put together the best conversation strategy is highly inefficient. enroll ml's enrollment marker and gamification drives dramatic reduction in time and subjectivity

Daily Outreach Prioritization

Counselors can spend up to 15% of their time every single day trying to prioritize their activities - even with pre-developed queries and lists. with enroll ml, counselors have dynamic prioritization lists that are based on the behaviors of their students

Marker Identification

Move beyond the self-created checklist to tracking and reacting to your institution specific, machine-learning derived behavioral signals. These markers guide and direct massively personalized student enrollment journey understanding

Applicant Personalization

Scouring CRM records to try to put together the best conversation strategy is highly inefficient. enroll ml's enrollment marker and gamification drives dramatic reduction in time and subjectivity

Class Progress Measurement

Attempting to measure the class mid-cycle consumes hundreds of team hours a year. Now, enroll ml produces a clear, statistically sound and understandable class build measurement every single day

Why do the counselors who use enroll ml love us?

Here are the top 3 enroll ml features that completely change the game for an admissions counselor

1. Personalized Daily Funnel Analysis

Every day each counselor’s funnel is reassessed against the institution’s custom enrollment markers – providing them and their supervisors with a clear, simple and immediate understanding of exactly where every single student is on their behavioral journey

2. Today’s Priorities & Funnel Groupings in Simple Lists

With enroll ml, the time spent trying to develop today’s critical outreach list is reduces to almost zero.  We scan hundreds of behavioral markers every night to produce the daily list of critical priorities for outreach.  Then, once those priorities are addressed, the counselor moves to the behavioral groupings to focus in on capturing and shaping the class

 3. Customized Enrollment Markers

This isn’t your grandparents’ admissions checklist.

Enroll ml processes hundreds of data elements to identify the behavioral markers that separate enrollments from declines, and simplifies those markers to make them understandable and actionable by the counselor.  With a single click, the counselor can see exactly where each student is along the enrollment path – and what critical conversations must take place during the next outreach.

Undergrad, Grad, Online or Adult…
enroll ml can help


They all have different behavioral signals in your enrollment patterns.


No matter what your strategic enrollment initiative is, enroll ml can provide your team with insight, direction and the critical outreach prioritizations that will help you to stretch your class and minimize melt.

How Does enroll ml work?

enroll ml connects simply and securely to your admissions CRM

Every night enroll ml processes your funnel against your custom set of enrollment behavioral markers

Every morning when your team comes into work they simply log into their personalized, daily updated funnel dashboard and priority lists

Enrollment Insights

We are obsessed with utilizing actionable data science to make admissions more effecient and effective.  

Let’s share our thoughts, comments, ideas and best practices 

Start your enroll ml experience today