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Strategy & Theory

The work of college admissions is difficult.  Sometimes it seems every year brings a new level of disruption to our processes that will challenge us in new ways.

That’s not going to change.  

But we can.

Earlier this week, enroll ml hosted a webinar discussing Consumer Decision Journey and the college search process.  The webinar is available for viewing, free, on demand.

The conversation was premised on four statements, each bringing their own level of controversy.

1 – Higher education does not have an enrollment problem – it has a recruitment problem.

2 – Our admissions policies and procedures were never built student-first.

3 – Enrollment processes have not gone through a serious innovation since CRMs.

4 – Indeed, our campus faculty can teach us a lot about how to better serve students.

Starting with those four perspectives, we launched into a tangible discussion about what the admissions process would look like if we built it to match the process a student goes through, instead of insisting they match ours.

I hope you’ll watch a recording of the webinar, and would love to discuss the concepts further.

Teege Mettille
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