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See It Immediately

In September, we’re celebrating a college’s most important asset: admissions counselors.


At enroll ml, we truly believe there is no more critical building block to the long-term success of a college.  Too often, we see campuses take this group (and their work!) for granted.


This month, we’re bringing you a few stories from users of enroll ml discussing how the institutional investment in this tool has improved their experience.  In al time when staff morale and retention is an existential crisis for many admissions office, this is not something to be overlooked.


In this 60-second video, Bailey Norton shares his favorite part of enroll ml – that within seconds, you can get a clear view of how your applicant pool is coming together.  We’re not relying on gut feeling, anecdotes, or an assumption that students who speak to you are reflective of the entire pool.  Instead, each night, the data science process at enroll ml refreshes, showing each counselor how the behaviors of their applicants stand up to previous years.


It’s a level of insight that has previously been unavailable to counselors with this level of accuracy, and allows for a few things:


  • The counselor can quickly move into outreach mode, instead of trying to craft a CRM query to measure this
  • The counselor can know which students they should, and which students they should not, spend time on today
  • The counselor can see immediately the impact their hard work has had on the enrollment goal, even nine months before the start of the term


At enroll ml, we’re not just celebrating admissions counselors, we are actively crafting tools to make them more effective, more efficient, and more productive.

Teege Mettille
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