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It Just Makes Sense

In September, we’re celebrating a college’s most important asset: admissions counselors.



At enroll ml, we truly believe there is no more critical building block to the long-term success of a college.  Too often, we see campuses take this group (and their work!) for granted.



This month, we’re bringing you a few stories from users of enroll ml discussing how the institutional investment in this tool has improved their experience.  In al time when staff morale and retention is an existential crisis for many admissions office, this is not something to be overlooked.



In this 60-second video, Jayden Kasai shares his favorite part of enroll ml – the intuitive and simple to operate user interface.


Jayden gives voice to a real challenge in admissions products – too many systems are designed in a way that prioritizes someone other than the admissions counselor.


The result is a slate of solutions that take months of training and onboarding to fully understand.  Even then, there are limits to how quickly and effectively a counselor can utilize the information.

That’s why enroll ml is such a revolutionary way to improve the experience of admissions counselors.  


There’s no fumbling, interpreting, or editing queries.  The information is just there, and the counselor can get to work connecting with students immediately.


The result is a happier counselor team, increased yield, and reduced staff turnover.

Teege Mettille
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