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We put the power of data science and machine learning decision making directly in your admissions counselor's hands

Predictive analytics and lead scoring isn’t enough

Your admissions team is time-stretched, overloaded and one of the most valuable assets of your institution.


Predictive analytics and lead scoring are valuable tools, but they don’t provide your admissions team with enough actionable information to guide their decision making every day.


enroll ml empowers your team with data science, machine-learning and gamification theory that doesn’t just predict enrollment probability, but directs the team to the applicants, activities and discussions that raise enrollment probability and yield potential – all day every day.

enroll ml Features


1. Personalized Daily Funnel Analysis


Every day each counselor’s funnel is reassessed against the institution’s custom enrollment markers – providing them and their managers with a clear, simple and immediate understanding of exactly where every single contact, inquiry and/or applicant is on their behavioral journey

2. Today’s Priorities & Funnel Groupings in Simple Lists


With enroll ml, the time spent trying to develop today’s critical outreach list is reduces to almost zero.  We scan hundreds of behavioral markers every night to produce the daily list of critical priorities for outreach.  Then, once those priorities are addressed, the counselor moves to the behavioral groupings to focus in on capturing and shaping the class

 3. Common, Customized Enrollment Markers and Enrollment Journey


This isn’t your grandparents admissions checklist.

Enroll ml processes hundreds of data elements to identify the behavioral markers that separate enrollments from declines, and simplifies those markers to make them understandable and actionable by the counselor.  With a single click, the counselor can see exactly where their student is along the enrollment marker path – and what critical conversations must take place during the next outreach.

What can you tell me about enroll ml?

What does enroll ml do?

enroll ml connects simply and securely to your CRM to pull and review daily inquiry and applicant and admissions counselor activity data.  Our data science engine then compares every applicant to custom developed, machine learning derived behavioral patterns and presents each counselor with their own customized, prioritized daily outreach list that organizes all of their assigned inquiries and applicants for daily activities.

What CRM platforms does enroll ml work with?

enroll ml currently works with Slate, Salesforce and Hubspot, but we can integrate simply and securely with any CRM system that allows for secure, read-only API database connectivity.

How easy is it to deploy enroll ml?

enroll ml leverages a secure read only pipe to your CRM and can be deployed in 4-6 weeks with minimal effort by your IT or admissions staff.

Can enroll ml help us with grad or international students or programs?

Undergrad, grad, adult, international or strategic demographic.  If you have existing CRM data on any strategic enrollment target, enroll ml can help your team to be more focused, strategic and effective in their daily outreach activities.

How much does enroll ml cost?

enroll ml priced is based on the number of
“engines” required and the amount of inquiry and applicant data. Most institutions will spend less than the cost of a single incremental admissions counselor.

Does enroll ml really work?

enroll ml ran a 2 year live trial with a 10 member admissions team and produced the following results:  16% decrease in the cost of new student acquisition, 140% increase in inquiry to applicant conversion and a 54% increase in new enrollments over a 2 year period.


More importantly, from VP to counselors – enroll ml users love it for how it allows them to be more efficient, effective and confident in their daily yield improving actions.

Start your enroll ml experience today